About Us



Our goal at Blueground has always been to create meticulously curated living spaces that are sensory-rich yet grounded in purpose, so people feel at home wherever they choose to live.

When we could not find furniture with the quality and craftmanship we wanted for our guests, our Product team set out to design it themselves – a collection that is durable yet bespoke, functional yet elevated. With a world-renowned team of both interior and industrial designers in place, we were able to fill a gap in the industry with home décor inspired by, designed and sourced from all over the world. 

Through transformative design and a balance of form and function, our curated furniture collection portrays the physical balance of versatile colors, organic texture and natural materials. From the get go, our mood boards set out to tell a unique story for each room, celebrating the experience within each space as much as the products that espouse it.

Our heirloom-quality designs are authentic, with no knockoff pieces. Each product is meticulously crafted and handmade, evoking the spirit and origins of our roots in Greece. Our designs continue to celebrate the authenticity of the Mediterranean landscape while juxtaposing that with the evocative vision of a modern world.  

We are thrilled to offer our thoughtfully designed collection of furniture to guests around the world that hope to achieve the Blueground standard of design in their own homes.